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Khairul Umam

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb,

Hallo Everybody,

Introducing my self, my name is Khairul Umam, i am a student of Indonesia University Of Education, Educational Technology 2011. 
I was born in the inland town Sukabumi Indonesia and raised in a family of proffesional teacher, and therefore it's obvious that i developed a passion for it too :)
My date of Birth is 30-December-1992.

Thanks a lot and good luck :)


Gedung Merdeka

Gedung Merdeka

Spesifikasi Foto

Model Camera    : Canon EOS 550D
ISO                     : 200
Exposure           : 2.5 sec
Aperture            : 10.0
Focal Length      : 18mm
Flash Used         : No
Latitude             : n/a
Longitude          : n/a

Twitter : @KhairulUmamAs
Facebook : Khairul Umam Assyuhada
E-mail : khairul.u@student.upi.edu